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The feelings that come with transitioning from being a relationship to being single many times feel like regret because you are not used to these feelings. You are not used to going to sleep alone or having no one to text throughout the day. These are just temporary adjustments, however, that you will get used to with time.

Regret is something different; regret is something that will come when you’re 45 and realize you’ve spent all your time with the wrong person.

To move on from someone that once was yours, to be staring at your phone for hours wondering if they would ever call. Missing every single second of happy memories that keep replaying in your head. Tempted to check their network pages just to see who they’ve been talking too. Wondering what could’ve been, regretting every word that had been said, and questioning every effort that was made. And the only words that run through your head.. “I’m sorry.”

I’m sorry if I unfollow you, but I don’t need more negativity to bring me down.

The thing about relationships is that, you should never give up. Never let the stupidest things get to you. Let it go, and move on. Think about the positives, no matter how hard it may be.. You just gotta believe in yourself that you can get through this. I’ll be there as well to help you get through it, no matter what bullshit get’s in our way.

There’s a point where we will give up one day, but at the same time. If you start to give up something that’s meant to be, then you’ve basically wasted your time trying. So, point is, never give up on someone who you really love.

My biggest fear? Is losing you.

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Maroon 5 - Sad 

I don’t even know what my life decisions are anymore. I feel like, everything I do.. is just a mistake. Everyday, these negative thoughts tell me I should just end it all..

If you leave without a reason, don’t come back with an excuse.

It’s sad when you realize you are not as important to someone as you thought you were.